Jason Proch – Easy Guide to The Premier League’s Top Teams

Ever since I came to America from the United Kingdom I have been trying my best two convert as many American people as possible to becoming English Premier League fans. I have been greatly impressed by the number of soccer fans here who love the MLS but too few of them aren’t aware of the magic of the English Premier League, which is for me the best in the world. Recently I was talking to my business partner Jason Proch about the top teams in the Premier League and so I thought I’d put together a quick guide on the teams that really compete to win, and what kind of history they have.

Manchester City

Man City are the current champions of England and they have won the Premier League 3 times in total. City were once a team with no history and who regularly finished in the lower end of the table, or even in the lower leagues. In 2008 the team was bought by an Arab Sheikh who pumped them full of money to buy the best players, and their success. Expect this team to be winning for many years to come.

Manchester United

The most famous team in England and the reed side of Manchester, this United team has 19 league titles to their name, including 13 Premier League titles. Manchester United have a rich history domestically and in Europe, lifting the European trophy on 5 occasions. Some of the world’s greatest players graced the stadium Old Trafford over the years and they have defined generations.


North London side Arsenal have had their ups and downs but under previous manager Arsene Wenger they were able to lift the Premier League 3 times, including one season where they went unbeaten, the only team in history to do so. Arsenal play attractive football and are currently in a stage of transition following the departure of Wenger after 20 years of service.


Generally loathed in by most rival supporters Chelsea have found success in the past 2 decades since they were bought out by Russian Oligarch Roman Abramovich. Since the oil money came in Chelsea have won 5 Premier League titles and one Champions League, and they are always close to the top of the table. Chelsea are known for their aggressive style and ruthless approach to games, something which has found them plenty of success.


Spurs are the poorest team in this list yet they have managed to put together a brilliant team on what is a relatively shoestring budget. Spurs have always ben there or thereabouts but in recent years under manager Mauricio Pochettino, they have pushed further up the league and sometimes look like they can threaten for the trophy. Sadly Spurs generally falter when it is the time to shine and as such haven’t won anything for a while.


With a history of 18 league titles to their name it is a surprise that Liverpool have never won a Premier League. With this being said Liverpool are well and truly back and they have put together a team which is going to compete for man years to come. Liverpool finished runners up in the Champions League last year and play exciting, attacking football.

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